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App now or wait-Chase AARP 5/24

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Re: App now or wait-Chase AARP 5/24

@CreditCuriousity wrote:

@fordguy89 wrote:
If you spend $500 at restaurants you'll get an effective $215 bonus. Wicked.

+1 dont forget about the $200 signup bonus though if you use right link..  Signup bonus might be worth the HP though.. Depends on if your AAoA and inquiry can take the hit


+1...I got the 200 dollars signup, 3%, and no AF. I did not hesitate one bit. 

Ymmv ~ Cheers!

Discover it (4k), United (8k), Southwest (9k), AARP (5k), Hyatt (8k), Freedom (8k), Venture (20k), Quicksilver (30k), Hawaiian (15k), Cabelas (4k), BofA Cash (1.5k), Amex Hilton (10k), Citi Voyager (5k), Citi AA Platinum (4k), Farmers (7.5k), Amex Spg (10k)
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Re: App now or wait-Chase AARP 5/24

I can't get the card =\ congrats to New approvals. It's getting talked about a little bit more and I still consider it underrated.
Open one, close three. Open one, close three.
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