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Apple CC GS

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Re: Apple CC GS

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I am not sure if it is advisable to have more than one apple account. Not sure why you want to have two accounts. I have 5 Apple devices ( 2 Phones, 2 computers, 1 iPad) and they all use the same Apple ID and works fine. I do have a separate Apple ID for my business and software development that I keep it separate but never used with Apple Wallet or other Apple supported features.

I was told my people at the store once when I was buying device saying that you can only have 5 devices on any apple id at one time and they made me open a new apple id.

Well, they weren't totally wrong:


It's actually 10 devices, but only 5 of the 10 can be computers. 

If that's a "rule," it isn't enforced. I have 17 Apple devices registered to my iCloud account. 7 are computers, and the other 10 are iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. 

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