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Application Spree

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Re: Application Spree

I got approved for AMX Cash Magnet 3100, Cap One VentureOne 1000. Unfortunately I forgot I didn't qualify for the AMX intro bonus due to having one from 2016.

Declined for: Citi (too many inquiries - Will try again in a few months), BOA Travel Rewards (high revolving balance - FALSE because I have 10% utilization now based on the 4/7 credit report... but whatever) , Chase SLATE (think I may have miscalculated 5/24 but they gave another decline reason. Won't try again for another Chase card probably, I already have Freedom Unlimited from 2016)


I forget the exact order I applied in. I also got approved for a 2nd Upstart loan to refinance AMX biz card balance at 8% interest for about 10k for 60 months. The other personal loan providers gave extremely sucky terms with close to CC level interest rates (why even offer someone a personal loan at those rates???) That's why I think Upstart is great, they actually value your prior relationship very heavily in the underwriting it seems...


I think I'm done applying for cards and will go try to "grow the garden" for the next couple of years....

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Re: Application Spree

Also Maharashi I'll let other more experienced users chime in but I got triple pulled on 2 cards and double pulled on the others. Unfortunately I wonder if single bureau pulls are a thing of the past now? Smiley Indifferent


Will make it very hard to strategize in the future....

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Re: Application Spree

@Gmood1 wrote:

@CreditSenshi wrote:
So if I wanted to get 1 Chase, 1 Amex and 1 Cap One (hypothetically) should the order be :

Cap One
Chase 1 month later
AMX same day as Chase?

Chase first, then Cap one and then Amex. IME, Amex hasn't been new account or inquiry sensitive. You can bust them all the same day if you want to. 3 apps isn't what I'd consider over the top. 

I agree with Gmood.  Chase First, as long as you are under 5/24.  Then Amex and then Cap One.  We might be able to give you better advice if you tell us what you have now, cards with balances and limits/ any installment loans/ any baddies.  Keep in mind Cap One will pull all three CRs. 


I did a 4 card mini spree in 2/18  Chase Amazon, Discover, Amex BCE, and Citi DC.  No issues apped all the same day in the order listed. 


I did 3 Cards on 2/10/19 US Bank Cash +, Barclay's Uber Visa, and FNBO Ducks Unlimited.   All the same day in the order listed.   Then on 2/25 A car loan, and on 3/14 an Amex CM.   No issues with any of those, and both US Bank and Barclays are considered inquiry and new account sensitive. 

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