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BCP and NFCU CLI/2nd Plat right after Refi Closing

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BCP and NFCU CLI/2nd Plat right after Refi Closing

Both sites are showing I am prequalified for each card and the 6 month mark for the CLI is Nov 11th.

I'm working with Quicken to Refi my 1rst mortgage (Also with Quicken) and Heloc loan. The closing date should be sometime next week.

The Heloc now shows closed and might report soon which might affect my scores a little if at all.

I want to apply for the Amex BCP and then do a CLI & 2nd card with NFCU.

Quicken underwriting care specialist told me that they do not run a second credit check before closing but I don't want to take any chances and will wait until loan is funded but hopefully before it reports.


What are my chances of approval given the recent mortgage HPs, new PenFed card and Refi (whether it reports or not)?

Also are there any rules I should be concerned with when applying for these?



income > 160K

My Fico8 scores now are 811/787/796

My Fico9 Bankcard scores on 10/4/20 are 831/819/823

No negatives on any CRA

10 CCs, 1 auto loan about 2yrs into 5 year loan, Mortgage loan and Heloc(Might be reported closed when apping).

With the new PenFed I will have 2 CC in the last 6 months. Newest card before that is 2.5 years old.

UTI < 2%, DTI 12%, AAoA 2.5 years, Newest account either 6 months NFCU or 1 month if PenFed reports before apping.

Since those Fico9 scores I opened a PenFed PCR 25k and had 4 HP for mortgage shopping and the new PenFed card.


Chapter-13 filed 11/13 discharged 06/16
Starting MyFico Scores 09/16 - (EQ 630 | TU 581 | EX 592)
Current Scores 9/2020 - (EQ 809| TU 786 | EX 788)

Total CL 172+k

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