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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Just a note on BoA backdoor #s:


I have a BoA Visa that started out as a secured card w/$300 C in May 2015. I called the # listed for secured & partially secured accts., 800-824-5895, and got it unsecured at 8mos., but no luck getting rewards or CLI. I recently got an auto CLI to $1800, so I decided to call and see if I could get rewards added. I called the # listed for Sr. Credit Analyst, 866-618-4585. The guy couldn't get rid of me fast enough, and said he was transferring me to someone who would help me - he transferred me to a guy who wanted to take my app for a Cash Rewards card over the phone. I said "No thanks" - I'm in the garden until the fall, my BK7 was discharged Jan. 2011, including 1 BoA account, and all my derog accocunts included in BK fall off over the next few months.


Well, this morning I decided to try again, and called the secured & partially secured accts#., 800-824-5895. The rep told me my Visa was eleigible for conversion to Cash Rewards, no hard pull. Done in 5 minutes. The Rep said that 800-824-5895 is actually the # for Priority Card Services. I'd say it's a good # to call.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

That's awesome DaveInAZ! Nice job!!!
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Both of these numbers are dead 


BofA:  888-260-4696 (secured accts.) - BofA:  866-811-4108  (Credit analyst - existing cardholders) ~myjourney



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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Which is the best number for Synchrony.. I have a Marvel MC and a WM store card and i hear that the overseas operation is best for getting CLI over the phone with them.. thx.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Does anyone know of a backdoor number for Capital One that works? I used the automated system to try for a CLI, but they only gave me $100. I've tried every number listed on here, but seem to just reach the same customer service department every time. They all say the same thing "I'm sorry, we can't overide the system but you can use our automated system to try again. Would you like me to transfer you?". Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

update on Recon and CLI for Citibank


I applied online for Citi Mastercard, was given a standard "wait a week and we'll give you an answer" type of message. I called multiple numbers to resolve this / get an answer.


I then tried to get a higher limit. So far, no luck on the CLI but I did finally get a fast approval over phone. I've called multiple numbers. I keep getting told I need to wait for the physical card, then call the # on the back of the card to request an increase, which is bs and not what I am going to do.


Citi EO#2 423-477-6858            They do not handle CLI here. Was told they would send my request to appropriate dept. and there was no external # she could give. (It looks at this like a dead end).
Citi: 800-444-2568 (Retention Dept.)                This # was no good.
Citi: 866-927-7841                                         This was listed, but its an auto system asking odd questions.
Citi: 800-763-9795 (Credit Dept.)               I called this, was told I needed to wait for physical card.
1-800-695-5171                                             Strictly application status, no help. Told me I had to wait a week to get a response.

 301-733-5501.                                               This one worked for my approval over phone after I applied online. It was half automated, then a CSR picked up. They verified some questions and approved me over the phone 12k. Sounded like a foreign call center.


So right now, I am still trying to get a CLI /recon for CLI after applying yesterday.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Edit: 5/25/17


Opened account 5/05/17

Recieved card 5/12/17

Statement closed 5/21/17


I Called CSR thinking that this was kinda odd that the statement closed so soon. The CSR said that everything looks fine and that it looked kind of odd as well. Today I got a notice from my Cap1 Creditwise saying that my Transunion has changed... I looked... I can see an increase of total CL and my TU went up w/NO HP's from Chase. Same with CreditKarma... My TU went up 4pts, EQ went down 3pts (AAoA droped a slight bit), total CL went up w/NO HP by Chase. Usually CK will notify me of a change almost instantly and in this case it did not happen... Smiley Happy



Edit: 5/10/17


So I called Chase (CC) lending again today to ask if they could expidite the card to me and.......

Just before that I was looking into the account more I see that they gave me %20.** percent on purchaces... I was like whaaaaT?


My call now turned into, could you send the card to me quicker? AND.... I was not quoted 20% over the phone just the past Friday.... I was quoted 16% and some change. A much better rate... So after 2 different phone calls and talking to 4 different people ( in both lending and Sapphire departments) the representative told me that I should call ALL of the Credit reporting agencys and ask them why my rate was 20%. I said, "They arent Chase, how could they tell me how Chase decides on rates?" Any suggestions?






Hello. I'm new here,


I recently wanted to aquire the CSP card through the Chase website. Instantly I got the "you'll recieve a notification by mail within 30 days". So I did a little research and came to this point. The first number I found from another thread was invalid the second went directly to a Credit department. The nice lady said that my application was missing my phone number (an identity issue). She went on hold 2 seperate times for apx 5 min each time durring the call. When she finished on her end the transferred me to the Verification Department. I spent about 5-10 min there and got an approval. So relieved.... CL $13.9K


Thank you for the info.



1st Chase Number: (888) 245-0625 (not working)


2nd Chase Number: Chase:  888-609-7805 (Credit Card "Lending") ~Vulcan1600 {coppied from this post}

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Apped for the Amex Platinum card and received the 14 day message. Called the backdoor number which was closed due to hours, got on chat, got a new backdoor number for new accounts and apps in progress that is staffed 24/7, was asked to verify phone number which I was not able to do becuase I'm out of the country, instead they called my bank with me on the line to verify my address through them, instant approval.


Wanted to share the number I called which is 24/7 and not listed on the back door numbers yet.



Amex apps in progress and new accounts 1-877-621-2639   open 24/7     Number rings straight to a customer service rep located in the US. 



Edit:  Called the number back, and yup, it changed. Now someone answers right away with "apply by phone." odd. 

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Called the Amex # posted above, CSR picked up within 10 seconds however this is for new applications only. After speaking with her for a moment she then transfered me to the pending app department who was able to answer my pending app questions. YMMV. 

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Hello my fellow myFICOians!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of the Chase number I would need to call to have them give me a better starting limit?

I was just approved this morning for a Chase Amazon prime card and my SL is much lower than I wanted.
I'm hoping I can call a number and have them reuse the credit report they pulled for the app, as to not initiate another HP.

Does anyone know if they can reuse the app report and give me a higher CL?

Thanks in advanced!
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