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X1 Visa Income Verification?

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X1 Visa Income Verification?

I was curious to see what they'd give me and it says they can't verify all of my income? I'm salary. My checks are weekly and identical. Isn't that the whole point of plaid? 

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Re: X1 Visa Income Verification?

More than likely they are having issues communicating with your bank, if you don't have another one to link with Plaid email them the bank statements and you should be ok. 

I got that message when we applied this week so linked another bank account and got the approval, after creating our account in the app and updating accounts to pay with, etc noticed that the first account we tried to link showed 4-5 times highlighted in red with an error that it could not validate. 

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Re: X1 Visa Income Verification?


I sent them bank statements clearly showing the same check amount deposited weekly. The math is very simple (I'm salary so x52) and the numbers do match. Oh well I'll live. I was just curious. 

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Re: X1 Visa Income Verification?

Thread locked per OP's request

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