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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Declined recon - try again?

New CITI number: 1-866-544-9851


Called the number today and went right to an account manager/supervisor. Really nice and easy to deal with!

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Hey fellow Junkies... Orchard just upped me to $800 from $600, took 2 minutes. Backdoor was easy money.

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Update to "Backdoor Numbers" Thread

Dear Mods,


I found out that the direct line to Wells Fargo underwriting has been changed.  The new number is: 866-412-5957.   


If one of you could please update the thread.



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Re: Backdoor Numbers (thanks, Sylviatob!!)

Thanks! Called Amex, Discover and Chase! Great news all around!

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Called AmEx Executive Office at 800-297-6197....spoke to a person about my credit card denial and she said I called the wrong place and transferred me back to the people that denied me in the first place. I was denied because my credit cards had no balance on my last annoying. 

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Thank you so much for these useful numbers. Already called my capital one secured credit card and BoA secured accounts number and they are both terrific. You speak with someone in less than 1mn and the customer service is not your typical call center experience.


I will save this thread for future use.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Does someone have an updated Amazon credit number?
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

@crissyanj wrote:
Does someone have an updated Amazon credit number?

I'm looking for one too - the number provided in this list is a scammy survey taking business. 


In another thread I found this number for Credit Solutions: 



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Re: Backdoor Numbers


Hi there! I just got a Cap One CLI by hitting the LUV button - 1K - went from $4000 to $5000. This was a couple days ago. Had the card for 12 months exactly.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Here is the number to verify identity for Comenity:


Account Protection: 





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