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Bank of America

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Bank of America

Has anyone got back in with BOA after a charge off? I had one with them back in 2011 and it has since fallen off my reports but I just applied and got the denial letter stating past negative account/charge off or payment less than full amount. Im guessing I should wait atleast 10 years and maybe try again? Just glad I never burned Chase or Amex

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Re: Bank of America

Sorry about your denial

Unfortunately, there is no magic number of years till lender "gets over it".

Could be tomorrow, could be another 10 years.

Even though it fell off your reports, it's still retained in internal records, which dont really get purged. 

The criteria used to get off the BL is quite unclear, as it happens differently for everyone. 

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Re: Bank of America

Yea that's one reason I will never apply with boa because I meesed up in the past and I know it will be a denial and a waste of a hard pull.  Luckily you will always have plenty of other banks to deal with.

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