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Barclaycard Ring Approval Stats

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Re: Barclaycard Ring Approval Stats

717, 754, 755 (as of 4/15)

AAoA: 2 years 


27 inquiries

highest limit: 10k (all cards at 0 balance when applied)


the ring was approved for 7.5k

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Re: Barclaycard Ring Approval Stats

Hi Wilwar14,


I've never posted to the forum before, but I recently got a Ring card, so I thought I'd respond.

I got my Ring card in mid March 2016,


TU FICO score: 712
Inquiries: 5
AAoA: about 2 1/4 years, oldest line 9 years
Current highest CL: $12,500 Discover It
CL upon approval: $10,000
Income (no need to be specific) $57,000


I own my home and have a total of $52,500 in credit card lines. I also have a car loan and student loans. I do have a baddie from 2013, when I defaulted on, and had to rehab my student loans.


Regards, silverspiral

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