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BoA is A Stranger In My Bed!!!

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BoA is A Stranger In My Bed!!!

I double-dipped on one TU inquiry (within 30 days) with BoA when I applied for/received my Business BAUCR MC and asked to get a Personal BAUCR MC weeks later over the phone. They told me to check status within two hours and I get a 'approval pending employment verification' ping.


I've been with BoA for years and already had a $10K personal Visa PP with them along with both biz & pers checking and savings. Then they want to pull the 'show me your pay stubs and fill out this SSA-89 form' card?


The nerve! Smiley Mad

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Re: BoA is A Stranger In My Bed!!!

Times have changed OP.  Given what's transpired more so in the past 2 years, lenders have tweaked some UW requirements depending upon what triggers their internal algorithms. This is more of an internal compliance policy as AI influences most UW decisions these days. 

Anyone can have a long tenure with any given financial institution, but they're still required to periodically review and verify specific items from time to time.

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