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BofA LUV button

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BofA LUV button

Hi, I was denied last month for a CLI, because I asked too much (3X). I should have just done 2X anyways I see the luv button again this month can I ask for another CLI or will it be instant denial? I feel I sorta asked for CLI a bit too early 3 months in, when I should have waited for "this" month as the credit agencies will report it's "3 months" old or w/e.

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Re: BofA LUV button

What was the actual reason for the denial on the letter?


Typically, BoA CLI requests are not declined for asking for any extraordinary amount as they will counter to an acceptable amount if they decide to approve the request.

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Re: BofA LUV button

If there was no counter, the ask was not too much - it was too soon. I'd let it play out for a few more months before asking again. 

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