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CSP odds?

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CSP odds?

I've been eyeing the CSP and was going to pull the trigger in April when my Discover CB match ends, but have some big spending coming up in the next 2 months that would allow me to reach the bonus. Here are my data points, what do you think my odds are? Better to apply for Freedom, then go CSP in the future?


EX: 737 (2), TU: 733 (3), EQ: ? (3)


03/17 Discover It - $2.6k CL

01/17 AMEX BCP - $9k CL

09/16 Student Loan - $6.5k/$6.5k

06/16 Capital One QS - $1.35k


No baddies and current util is <1%

Oldest: 19 mo; AAoA: 15 mo

Household income around $57k (married college student)

No banking relationship with Chase at the moment



AMEX Cash Magnet (01/17) - $27k
Capital One QS (06/16) - $1.35k
Chase Sapphire Reserve (02/18) - $14.4k
Discover It (03/17) - $4.4k

FICO: EX - 772, TU - 772
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Re: CSP odds?

Based on stats you provided I'd say odds are in your favor. If you're under 5 cards opened in the last 24 months that is.

Have you tried looking at chase prequals? Even if it doesn't return a CSP for you, with your profile I'd say cold app the CSP. Unless you left something out you should more than meet the underwriting requirements. Good luck!
I got mine with scores significantly lower than yours & with recently paid medical collections on reports.
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Re: CSP odds?

Credit Pulls Database.


Google it and never look back.

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Re: CSP odds?

Given the provided info and assuming nothing else is going on on your reports, I think you’ll be fine. Also, assuming EQ is in the same ballpark as the other bureaus, I’d say the odds are in your favor.

You’re showing at least a year of history. You already have one card above the minimum $5K threshold. You’re under 5/24. Utilization is good. Inquiries are relatively low. Income is sufficient.

I’d be surprised if you weren’t approved. The credit pulls database is definitely a good resource but info like inquires and AAoA are scant. I’d use it in combination with the search feature here for data points. As always, your mileage may vary but I say go for it. If you haven’t already, check out the prequalifier site for Chase.

I can’t get prequals because of an old permanent opt out. Nearly all of my applications are cold apps (except the preapprovals on the Amex site). So if you don’t have one, it’s not the end of the world.

Knowing where you stand is sometimes as good as gets. Currently, you look pretty solid.

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