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Cap 1 Approval - Timeline !

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Cap 1 Approval - Timeline !

So i had posted on another thread my approval for Cap 1 unsecured card. For some people that might wanna know the timeline thats the purpose of this thread. I applied on 11/28/2018 and approved. Got an email “card has shipped” on 11/29/2018. card arrived 12/1/2018. I was shocked how fast Cap1 moves, especially considering its the holidays. Im happy to say the least.

Hopes this helps answer some questions.
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Re: Cap 1 Approval - Timeline !

Wow.  I think that was the fastest delivery of a credit card I've heard of!  Congratulations on the new Cap 1.

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Re: Cap 1 Approval - Timeline !

Thanks for sharing!!



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Re: Cap 1 Approval - Timeline !

A similar thing happened to me for both Cap1 cards I got this year. Applied for both a Platinum and QS1 on a Thursday. Got both cards the following Tuesday. The card shipped notification came the next day for both as well. The QS1 back in May. The Plat in mid November. I'm in Texas. Very quick turn around I must say!

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