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Cap One Application wait time

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Cap One Application wait time

I'm wondering what is the wait time between capital one applications. I currently dont have a cap one card, and applied a couple weeks ago but was denied due to previous delinquency. The balance was paid off and updated on my credit reports. So, do I have to wait the 6 month time frame?
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Re: Cap One Application wait time

You are free to test the waters of the Triple Credit Bureau Smackdown as frequently and often as you wish, however highly ill-advised Smiley Very Happy Depending on the timeframe since referenced Baddie and without knowing other DPs you may just want to wait the standard hiatus between apps. You can always do a SP PreQual on their site if youre feeling froggy after 3 months but I wouldnt even waste the pulls any sooner than that.

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Re: Cap One Application wait time

Honestly, I don't think another triple HP is worth it so soon for a Cap1 card. Try a lender that only pulls one bureau just to minimize the hit and inquiries on your credit. 

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Re: Cap One Application wait time

What specific card are you trying to get from Cap 1?


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Re: Cap One Application wait time

I had two delinquencies with them, both charged-off from 2016, and they approved me for a card.  If I were you, I would just keep hitting the prequal button until you are pre-approved for a card.

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