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Cap One WalMart Rewards CLI - Shut down!


Cap One WalMart Rewards CLI - Shut down!

Figured I'd give it a try since I've been bucketed for about 8 years at $1800.  Got an instant response in my secure messaging.

Recent use of this account's existing credit line has been too low

Not a huge surprise, but was hoping for better results with a 3% util and 800+ FICO.  I asked for $7500 which may have been overly optimistic.  Should I try for something like $3500 in a month or so?

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Re: Cap One WalMart Rewards CLI - Shut down!

Sounds like you need to post a high balance on it for a month

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Re: Cap One WalMart Rewards CLI - Shut down!

Good luck with a bucketed cap1 card.    
CLIs have happened with them before but I've yet to be able to get one.    

I've tried after months of higher than normal spend for every amount imaginable 

1k, 2k, 2.5k, 250, 500 even 100    All denied. 


I just made a $780 payment to zero my $1500 cl Walmart mc last week.    
so I tried today for a $100 cli.   
still denied.    Scores over 760, income 100k+,  uti under 4%, dti 3%.    They don't care.   

it's become a big joke to me.   
make a purchase, request cli, get denied. 
make a payment, request cli, get denied. 

at this point I hope they get sick of my requests and just cli me already


my SO thinks they will get mad and close my account.    
No big loss there.    I hope they do.  They are getting closed this year anyway. 
just waiting to hit 780 before I app for a card to replace it (so I can say I achieved my goal score before taking a hit for a HP and new account)


im going to single-handedly bankrupt cap1 with all the money they pay for postage to mail me cli denials.    😉

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