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Capital One CLI- *Raspberry* LOL

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Re: Capital One CLI- *Raspberry* LOL

At least your limit isn't $1024. Seen that before. Now THAT would mess with my OCD 😂

BK7 DC 1/2/2018
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Re: Capital One CLI- *Raspberry* LOL

AJC sounds like you need a CLI just to pay all the dues! LOL

On a side note: my Internet has been down, still is, ahh the joys of living in the mountains, I don't know how y'all navagate this on a phone! I'm a hot mess trying to get around here. Yikes!
Hats off to all you doin' it on your phone!

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Re: Capital One CLI- *Raspberry* LOL

$250 CLI? Cap1 gave me a whopping $29 CLI. I told them to shove their CLI and the card too.

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9/20/2018 EQ 810 TU 807 EX 795
6/12/19 EQ 820 TU /789 EX 793
12/13/2019 EQ 835 TU 813 EX 810
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Re: Capital One CLI- *Raspberry* LOL

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
I belong to...

Discover's " We dont count Hulk Smashing as a valid form of credit card use" club....

Citi's " Try our SP language for 18 months and we will give you 18 months NO CLI at 0% apr " club

Amex"s " We cannot give you increase within 6 months of a previous one but you may try the never ending 6 month loop to see if our reply ever changes" club

Boa's " One soup, one flavor, one limit, one card for life" club

.Smiley Wink
Well said AJC! Wait your back to a seedling? Get your AJC booty back to the garden! 🤨

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12/27/17 FICO9 TU-706 EQ-672 EX-690
3/16/18 FICO9 TU-700 EQ-669 EX-716
6/26/18 FICO9 TU-750, EQ-672, EX-789

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Re: Capital One CLI- *Raspberry* LOL

My first CC ever, a Cap1 secured. I deposited $70 and got $221 as my credit line. I was like “why $221?! Give $220, then!” Hahaha!
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Discover it Miles: 1.5k

AAdvantage Aviator Red: 3k

Chase Sapphire Preferred: 800

EX: 690 | EQ: 680 | TU: 677
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