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Capital One: “Income is insufficient.”

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Re: Capital One: “Income is insufficient.”

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@Curious_George2 wrote:

I'm sorry for your denial, but thank you for sharing that DP. Looks like 1/3 of income is their exposure limit. Good to know. 

That's definitely not the case. I was only ~$500 from having my full income in credit with them before they slashed my QS earlier this year for low use and I still have about 64% exposure with them after. I suspect it's YMMV like anything else. 

Good counterpoint. I was being too quick to draw broad conclusions from one DP. My bad. 

Interesting that this denial reason doesn't come up more often. Sadly, with them being so stingy with CLIs at the moment, there aren't likely to be many opportunities to test this rule. Maybe someday...

Thanks for sharing this @Ficoproblems247, and for quickly setting me straight @Anonymous and @blindambition. 😀

No problem. I don't normally share my CLI denials (I would be posting way too often lol!) but I hadn't seen this one personally so I thought I'd share. ALSO, I'm not even bummed out about it, I absolutely do not need higher limits on my Cap1 cards, it was just CLI time for that card, so why not. Capital One seems to be the most polarizing lender on these forums, you either love them or loathe them. People feel so strongly either way it's like reading about politics haha. Personally, I love them. They have been there for me when my profile was in the dump, and helped me rebuild twice now. They saved me from having to turn to predatory lenders to get the job done. I love their interface and they have been nothing but a good, reliable lender to me. I think if you know how they operate before you try and do anything/get anything from them and you have those tempered expectations, you'll have a better experience. 

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