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Capital One Underwriting Question

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Capital One Underwriting Question



Back on March 30th I applied and was denied for a Capital One Venture due to an extended fraud alert that I didn't know about on my Equifax report. I am going to get that taken care of and want to apply again. I am still preapproved for all card. Since them I have applied and been approved for an AMEX Hilton Aspire. Is it a bad idea to apply for the card again even with the new card? The AMEX has not yet reported and will apply before it does.


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Re: Capital One Underwriting Question

I believe you can reapply after 30 days, if anything. As long as the fraud alerts are addressed on all CRAs well in advance and make sure none of your reports are frozen, then just give it a whirl. Also, it can take anywhere from one to two billing cycles for American Express new accounts to report.

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