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Chase Credit Card Application Status

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

wow!!! true story!! this number works 888-245-0625 !!!! i sent the application for a chase freedom card and i called the first time, spoke to a lady and she said my application was denied because of too many activity the past year and high balance on my current accounts. i tried to explain and asked politely for a review or any options. she wouldnt budge and sounded like she doesnt care to help. i decided to call a second time and this time a guy picked up. i explained again this time that i had more then enough time to pay it off before the billing cycle ends. about the activity i explained that when i applied for a macys card and a gap card i was told it would not affect my credit score but it did. they finally approved me for $4000 CL Smiley Very Happy good luck to all!

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

So glad I read this post..The 1-888-245-0625 number worked for me also. I have banked with Chase for 8 years and I am in the process of rebuilding credit.

Current TU=686,EQ=663. Have a Capitol One NH Rewards cl=$500 but needed another revolving credit account to help establish credit.

Applied online for chase freedom, got an alert for a hard pull on Equifax that day.

5 days later I received a denial due to collection accounts (3) on my report.

Called the number above and the lady told me that I had 3 recent collections (within 3 months).

I explained that these were all old medical collections over 5 years old and that I had recently disputed them.

She said she could only see "Date Reported" and not "Date Opened".

She said that she could not help until I cleared that up with Equifax.

Called Equifax several times but after failing to contact a human, I decided to call Chase back.

This time I explained to the guy that these were 5 year old medical collections unpaid by insurance and that I was in the process of disputing them.

I also explained that I was a Chase customer for 8 years, had checking, savings,investment and even a current auto loan account that I have never missed a payment on after being open for over 2 years.

He said "hold please"....after 2 minutes came back on and said that I was approved, cl of $3,000 and should receive my card within a week!

Thanks for the info!!!!


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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

NICE!!! Reboot.
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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

That backdoor number really works...I apply for the Chase Freedom a few days ago and called to day for an update. I verified some personal information, held for a few minutes and was approved for $4,000. I'm super excited. 0% for 15 months.I can't wait to do a balance transfer.


To my knowledge they pulled TransUnion based on an alert. My TU score according to Equifax is 630.


What a great addition to my Discover and BoA cards!! Next year I want an AmEx. I have a Dillards AmEx but it just isn't the same thing.


Thanks for the number!!!

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

I called the backdoor number after applying a week or two ago and my app status still saying it's being reviewed.


The first time I called I was told I had been denied due to a collection account on my CR. I explained this was in dispute and had another account with Cap1 and was looking for a lower interest rate. He asked a few questions and then told me I would need to verify some info and transferred me to another agent. That agent verified my info and then approved me! So suprised I got approved with a 11.99% interest rate with my current score.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Called 1-888-245-0625 today to check on the status of my Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card and was told that I was denied due to a $773 charge-off more than 10 years ago. I explained to the rep that I got the card when I was a freshman in college and that my Dad took the card from me because I wasn't using it responsibly and I didn't have any income other than my financial aid overage check (all true). My Dad has the same name as I do (i'm the 3rd) and knew my SSN and basically kept the card and used it as his own, supposedly helping me build my credit... until he ran into hard times of his own and got my account charged-off.


I explained to the rep that the company I work with has switched our corporate travel to Southwest Airlines (a bit of a stretch... I do fly for work, but we book our own flights and get reimbursed afterward) and that having this card would be great for me as well as Chase. I let him know that I PIF to the CA and expressed a desire to establish goodwill with Chase and get a fresh start with a great company. (kiss-kiss-smooch-smooch)


He asked me a few questions, verifying information from my application... the main questions were about whether I rent or own, the amount I pay for my home, the length of time I've lived here, and how long I've worked at my current job. He also reviewed my current portflio of cards and noted the low & zero balances on each. After those questions, he put me on hold and I had my fingers crossed.


Once he came back, he told me that he can't guarantee that I will be approved, but if I was definitely declined, he would tell me now. He said to be on the lookout for a letter from Chase in the mail. First, I'll get the original decline letter that I can ignore.  Then, I'm not sure if he said I'd get another letter stating that I'm being reconsidered... then get a third letter that says that I'm declined or receive a welcome packet & acceptance letter. I might have been confused about getting that second letter; perhaps the second mailing will be the declination or the welcome packet.


FYI, I didn't wait to get my original decline letter to call the backdoor number. I applied on 5/1 in the afternoon and have called every day since, just to check on my app status. Today was the first day that I was told I was declined, instead of hearing that I was under review.


I feel much better after having today's conversation and am happy that I've already started the recon process 3 days after my app. If not for this forum, I would not have known about this phone number, this process, nor had my credit profile prepared in a manner that would give me a decent shot at overcoming the Chase blacklist.


Thanks again




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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

I got approved for the Chase Slate card for a CL of $15,000, then got denied for the Chase Ink card for my business, go figure.


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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Woohoooooo!!!!! I just got approved for the Chase Freedom!!!! I'm so happy, and its all because of you guys. I have been reading the forums a lot lately and have really been doing a lot of reading. I applied for the Chase earlier and I got the "pending further review" message. I then called the backdoor number listed and I got this woman on the phone that I had a bad feeling about.. But I went ahead anyway.  She put me on hold and came back , she said I was denied. She said the reason was because of a charge off with a Chase card years ago and a few latenesses back in 05 from my auto loan. I told her that it happened 7 years ago but she said it doesn't matter.  I also told her that the Chase account isn't on my reports anymore. She really didn't seem to be helpful. I came home and read the forums some more, heard other success stories with recon's, so I decided to give it a go. The guy seemed very, very friendly from the get-go. He put me on hold and came back to verify some info about my employment and income, then put me on hold again and came back and asked for my address so he can send me everything!!! I wasn't sure if he meant he was going to send me the denial letter or the card LOL. He then said "looks like you're approved for $3000!! I was so pumped, I couldn't believe it. If it hadn't been for me reading these forums, I would've been sitting here wondering why I wasn't approved. But instead, I'm waiting for the card to come in the mail!!


I guess you can say Im in the process of building up my credit, I just got myself a Capital One Platinum, AMEX Zync and AMEX Gold Delta last month. But prior to that, the cards I had/have are Orchard, Orchard Platinum and Applied Bank.  In the middle of the night one night I decided to apply for the Cap Plat, I really didn't think I'd be approved because I haven't applied for credit for so long and my credit was always bad. But I guess my score are good enough now! I'm going to relax for now and garden these cards and take great care of them. I can't wait to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom, it seems like a great card.


My current scores are EX (Plus score from freecreditreport) 661 EQ (MyFico) 683 TU(MyFico) 712

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status



I just pulled the trigger on the Chase Freedom yesterday (and a couple others) and got the pending approval notice on the screen.  I called the backdoor number today, 8882450625 and spoke to a gentleman that was helpful but very blunt.  I was declined.  I apparently have 2 collections that are currently reporting (CO's from 2005) and 2 that have not been reporting but are still showing (HSBC and CapOne).  Aside from that everything seemed to be in order, UTIL at 37% (and he himself said the collections were hurting that score), and goodies on all current accounts.  Current FICO through EX is 620.


My question is should I pursue calling them again and try to get connected to someone else?  I am showing some pretty good success stories here, and was hoping I could be one of them! Smiley Sad


Looking forward to any kind of insight you would be able to provide.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status


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