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Chase Credit Card Application Status

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Confused... ?  You got a CLI - Congratulations... you were my inspiration!
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03/08: EQ: 713 TU: ? EX: ?
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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

I didnt get a CLI at activation only after pending for approval!!!!
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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

so heres my chase experience. I applied a few days ago. I called the backdoor number today to check the status. I was denied :[ So i asked him to look over it and he said the reason i was denied was due to too many inquiries (they pulled EX i thought they pulled EQ) so we talked for about 5 minutes and he said he can approve me for 800. Ill take what i can get. Its not bad seeing is im utilizing 700 out of 800.
So Chase pulls EX in Nevada
I got a recon from them and hopefully i get a higher cl in a few days :]
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06/22/2008 :: TU 654 :: EQ 646 :: EX 626
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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Thank you. Your backdoor no: worked for me. When I called the rep told me that I was denied, requested for supervisor. After answering his questions, he insantly approved me for $1000. Thank you, so much

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Thank you so much everyone for these suggestions posted on here!!!! I just got approved by calling the 2nd backdoor # posted on here for the Chase Freedom Visa $100 Cash back card for $3K CL to start!  When I 1st applied, which was just a few hours ago actually, lol, I got the message to wait 7-10 days for a response in the mail.  Well, after some quick Google research I found this post and couldn't be happier.  I made a quick phone after reading everyone's suggestions and was approved after just simply verifying the information on my application!  Hopefully me spending the time to post an addition to this post, will encourage someone else in this situation who wants a Chase card to call! Don't wait until you already have been officially denied but be pro-active with Chase because the worst they can say is no, or denied.  Persistence today truly paid off.  Amazing. Thanks again everyone!!!!  Smiley Happy  


BTW, to anyone wondering, when I spoke to the Chase rep. who was verifying my info. she actually told me that the system had originally denied me but due to my verification, she now is overriding it and approving me for the credit card.  The system denied me due to a semi-high number of inquires on my Experian CR which they apparently pulled for this application, and for a high amount of student loans.  However, by calling in, somehow their able to override that process, as she noticed that I actually have zero delinquencies, and good credit overall.  Just don't be scared but go for it people and hopefully these words prove helpful to someone else facing a similar dilemma! 


Smiley Happy 

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

For those that are saying you have too many inquiries, I'm curious to know how many you have?  I have a lot (due to a car purchase in January and old inquiries), so I'm wondering about this process.



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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

THANKS to everyone...without this thread I would have been denied...actually I was denied but with this threads help I got approved.


I applied and was also told I would hear in 30 days.  I was also scared about calling to check the status, but after reading this thread I called (the back door number).   I thought my experience might be helpful to some.  First of all, I called at night around 8:30pm.  I spoke with a gentleman...lets call him Jim... who pulled my information and told me that I had been declined.  The explanation given to me was that I was declined because of an account in collections (not because of my credit score). I am not sure what his report was showing my credit to be...long story short it was somewhere between 660-720.  For those of you reading this possibly at a later it is 2010...the account I have in collections was from 2007.  I have tried to dispute this over and over without luck.  I have refused to pay, because I do not feel that I was in the wrong.  I called back an hour later and asked to speak to a supervisor....I got the same Jim again and got the same response.  I begged and pleaded my case that it was an account from three years ago that I had cancelled yet the company continued to charge me without my knowledge until I pulled my credit report 6 months ago.  He told me that he had pulled my report from Equifax and all I had to do was have the status changed to "in dispute" and they would approve me (he also told me that I should wait to call back until I did this as any new report he would pull would count as a new inquiry against my credit score).  So I went through the online process of disputing the account through Equifax.  I use and I was alerted that there had been a change on my report (which was that my account was now "in dispute"), so I called the back door number. This time it was during the day during business hours.  The representative pulled my report again, and told me that there was no update...this immediately upset me as it was a new inquiry now that would hit my score. She offered to pull a report from Experian, however I declined as Jim had told me he was using Equifax which is why I filed a dispute with them.  She asked me a few more questions about the collections account, put me on hold, and a few minutes later said that she "accepted my explanation for the collections account" and wholla...I got a card with a $5000 credit limit. 


So, in the end my advice is to call during business hours.  They pulled my report from Equifax (some of you said you were pulled from EX), however it seems that if you are declined for some reason they will pull from another report if you ask them.  Don't give up. Don't be scared...everyone I talked to was so nice and helpful.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

No luck... pulled from TU and "no, no no"


Asked about a CLI increase on my existing Freedom card... Can't help you with that.  Have to submit a CLI increase thru customer service.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Eh Guy, I did apply Chase Freedom credit card at branch last week. Yesterday i called back to check the application status and was denied. Then i research on this Fico website and saw the BackDoor phone number and called them again. They pulled out my experian credit report and said" was Denied" then i told them the explanation and they saw that my collection was disputed and they asked me they will reconsideration on 2nd chance of credit decision. If you guy have experience on this situtation, should u guy think i will get the credit card with 2nd chance?????????? Please let me know... THANKS>..I believe they still not approve me. What you guy think???????????

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Chase do not like too many inquiries.  I got denied, approved and denied again all within the same day for having too many inquiries back in 2009.  Today when I got approved for $4000 there were no issues..  So the bottom line is to let inquiries age before Chasing what matters. 

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