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Chase Freedom Unlimited

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Chase Freedom Unlimited

Hi everyone,


Looking for some insight in regard to my FU application.  Applied about 2 weeks ago and got a 7-10 day automatic response from the phone credit card application automated line.  I then spoke with someone who told me that they needed to verify my identiy and I needed to fax in the first/last page of my lease, which I promptly did.  Then, I recieved a letter in the mail saying that my application was denied for "too much financial obligation compared to income."  A few days later, I recieved a letter in the mail stating that Chase needed to comfirm my address (same thing the person on the phone said).  I then faxed in lease along with the letter and reference number (a couple days after I faxed only the lease).  


Today, I called the automated application status check and it said "you have two applications on file, the first one is being reviewed and we will be with you in 7-10 business days, the second one is being reviewed and we will notify you within two weeks of our response).  I called and spoke to someone who told me (after a long wait) that they received my documents but only the first page of my lease agreement came in (not the last) and that I needed to resend the docs. I imagine they will get the second round of docs I faxed shortly.  Automated application status now says 7-10 days again.  


What can I expect from here? Fico is 710 and haven't opened a new account in a long time (am in law school though). I imagine my first application got denied and now they are waiting for my verifcation for second app (even though I only applied once).

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Chase FU


I'm new here so any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Re: Chase FU

OP,  you were denied for DTI, address verification probably wont change the outcome. 


If it is a denial, and you have other revolving accounts, you could try calling for reconsideration. 


I would wait and try again later. Even if approved during recon, you are probably looking at a very low SL based on their reluctance to approve at the current time. 


Good luck! 

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Re: Chase FU

Hi there OP,

I have merged both of your threads on this subject into one. Please refrain from posting multis on the same topic. Thanks for your understanding.
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Re: Chase FU

Welcome OP!! I am not sure what info I can really give you, given the situation with them requesting these docs. Them verifying the address to me has nothing to do with the initial reason you were denied, which was too much financial obligation compared to your income. I question if on a second application, that they somehow would not come up with at least the same reason, unless I am missing something?

I hope I am wrong. If not, lets just hope they get through the address thing, then from there, just be patient and let the process play out. Either way, it is a HP (hopefully not two), so you might as well get all you can out of it. Best of luck in getting some good news!

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