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Chase Freedom approval odds

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Chase Freedom approval odds

Hey guys I'm new here and this is my very first post so I don't know if I'm doing this correctly but I wanted some insight. Applied for chase freedom and got the 30 day wait message from the robolady. They pulled EQ and EX. EQ is 4/24 with a year of on time payments 1% utl. EX is 6/24 with a year on time payments and 1% utl. My question basically is, do they base their decision on EQ or EX since they are reporting differently? If more info is needed im happy to provide it. Thank you.

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Re: Chase Freedom approval odds

They will base their decision on both reports
Good news is, it was not auto denial.

I think this one can go the either way
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Re: Chase Freedom approval odds

Give a call and ask if there is any additional info they may need.

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Re: Chase Freedom approval odds

Thanks for the reply, I actually had a checking for over 10 years or so but I closed that a few months ago, I called in this morning and they told me I just need to fax in my social security card. I'm guessing if they were going to deny me they wouldn't even bother to go through verification maybe?

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Re: Chase Freedom approval odds

That would be my assumption as well Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase Freedom approval odds

Generally, if they are asking for verification, that usually points to an approval.

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Re: Chase Freedom approval odds

Thanks for all the info, I will call in a little to see if they made their decision already, sent in the info they requested about an hour ago.

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