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Chase Marriott Boundless Denial

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Chase Marriott Boundless Denial

I went out on a whim knowing my chances were slim but i applied for the Marriott offer for a $250 egift card upon approval and 50K back after $3000k spend in 3 months. This offer is available on the Marriott website, i know im over 5/24 but i was approved for the Amazon Prime Visa at 5/24 so i thought i could get lucky getting another co-branded card. NO LUCK, as the reason for denial was "too many accounts in a 24 month period". I tried to Recon and explain that i was approved for the Amazon at 5/24 why couldnt they let me in with the Marriott and kept explaining the 5/24 rule basically with no budging, oh well...


I seen people get approvals for the Southwest, United, and a few Marriott cards so i thought i had a 50/50 chance. I also applied for the Amex Business Gold and thats under review.

Chase Freedom Unlimited : $6000 | Discover It Chrome : $3500 | AmEx CS Investor : $6000 | Chase Sapphire Preferred : $5000 | Chase Amazon Prime : $2000 | AmEx Hilton Surpass : $1000 | AmEx Business Plus : $2000 | AmEx Platinum CS : POT $2800 | Tower Federal CU : $15,000 | Lowes Commercial Account : $1,000 | WF Bilt Mastercard : $4,000 | Shell Fleet Plus : $1,000
Total Credit Limit : $42500
Experian FICO 8 : 700
| TransUnion FICO 8 : 688 | Experian FICO 9 : 665
Starting Score: 512
Current Score: 700
Goal Score: 700+

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Re: Chase Marriott Boundless Denial

Sorry about your denial. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves, I've done the same thing many times in the past when maybe I should have known better, but just couldn't help myself Smiley Happy. Best of luck on the AMEX Business Gold, hope you get it! 

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Re: Chase Marriott Boundless Denial

Sorry about your denial but thanks for the data point, @Mdowning30.  Yes, the Amazon was a well-publized "loophole" but it was very much an exception to the rule.   The 5/24 rule is alive and healthy for Chase!

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