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Chase Sapphire Preferred

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Chase Sapphire Preferred

Recently I was browsing my Chase Freedom account for any random offers, I clicked on credit cards and seen a couple being shown but I eyeballed the Sapphire Preferred because I feel like that's a good beginner traveling card. Me and my fiance plan on taking 4-5 trips next summer. I clicked on the offer and seen the message "Because you are a Chase customer, just provide the information below and get a decision in seconds!"


I don't know if this means I've been preapproved or what because the other cards such as the Southwest or Bonvoy doesn't have that message at all and to add to all of this I was approved for this Chase Freedom account in July 2019.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred

If you just received a Chase card back in July, then I would wait until around December before applying for another card with them.


If you will not be traveling until next summer, you still have plenty of time to get the card.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred

It's too soon.

Also, if you have an existing account with Chase, you'll always be asked only a couple of questions.
It's not like they dont have your address already.
That has nothing to do with being preapproved or having a prequal.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred

I agree with Remedios, way too soon and you will definitely know it when you are it’ll look like thisE56F74B6-8E7F-4BC3-B94F-C4730A643C70.jpeg

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