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Citi Rewards+

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Citi Rewards+

Just applied yesterday for the Citi Rewards+, got an invite in the mail for 17 months no APR, so decided to give it a shot.

They pulled my TU, which is at a 725. Experian at 709 now. And Equifax isnt... the greatest, at a 615. Utilization is at 16% between 3 cards. I also applied for a PP 2% MC and got approved after I applied for the citibank.

Got a message with the whole "we're reviewing the application and will notify you in 7-10 days."

What you think the chances are? My TU prior to citi had 4 HP, 2 of which were for my recent lease and oldest dating a year back.
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Re: Citi Rewards+



Citi is known to double pull but, a triple pull might be because one of the doubles was TU.


It's truly a toss up on whether they will approve but, based on the TU I would say it's more likely a denial.

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Re: Citi Rewards+

Sorry, forgot to say they only pulled TU. No Equifax or Experian.

Hoping to get it, but not holding my breath. Want to drop this creditone card, but not without something to replace it lol.
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Re: Citi Rewards+

You can always call in and try to figure this out. Otherwise just wait for the letter. Good luck! 

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Re: Citi Rewards+

Whats holding down your Eq so much?
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Re: Citi Rewards+

A couple of hospital bills I've been paying since I started the credit build(2 years or so ago). Have $2,300 left and planning 3rd weak of December to have it all paid, finally!! Lol.
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Re: Citi Rewards+

Citi pre-selected offer was pretty good for DW. Fairly certain her name was purchased off an EQ (sp) list. Pulled EX at app, went to 7 - 10 review, received a text message to call them. They verified some info, pulled TU while on the phone and approved during the call.


She was low 700s on EX and EQ, and around 670 on TU at the time.



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Re: Citi Rewards+

Still waiting, anxiously. Denied or approved, at least I know they were contemplating it. Will try again around holiday season if denied.

Side note, BoA approved a CLI of $1,500.
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Re: Citi Rewards+

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Re: Citi Rewards+

Yep, still in the review process. Feels like it's been weeks waiting haha. I'm used to normally getting denied, first time a company has sat there with a 'review'. Did call to see if I could move it forward a bit, but they said they haven't got around to reviewing it yet.
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