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Citibank 2nd card

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Citibank 2nd card

How hard is it to get approved for a second Citibank card? I have the double cash but would like to get the American Airlines card as well.
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Re: Citibank 2nd card

I would love to know this too. I would like to get a double cash. I was approved for one of their cobranded cards about a month ago.

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Re: Citibank 2nd card


It's not that hard if you have a strong profile,  but you have to be mindful of Citi's 1/8 and 2/65* rules and their general reluctance to issue new cards to applicants with 6+ inquiries/cards issued within the past 6 months.   The grAAvy train as a slightly skewed example is predicated on the ability to get new cards regularly in a way that bypasses the 24 month SUB rule. 


*technically it's 2/60 but concensus is to recommend following a 65 day guideline to avoid denials due to logistics-related headaches

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