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Comenity CLI HP/SP Data Points

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Re: Comenity CLI HP/SP Data Points

I’d pound the button until it happens. Once you have that first interval, try again in half that time, then monthly, and see what happens.

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Re: Comenity CLI HP/SP Data Points

@LauraC wrote:

@SilverSmith wrote:

Should I be offended that WS gave me a $250 SL? Smiley Very Happy They seem to low ball SLs for a lot of people from what I've been reading. They give out just enough to buy a nice set of wooden spoons without trashing your UTL Smiley LOL I actually wanted to grab a set of All-Clad cookware before I apped but can only grab a lid, PIF... then a saute pan (maybe), PIF... At this rate I'll have my set before the new year.. hopefully Smiley Very Happy

When did you open the acct? If it's a newly pulled cr, You might want to call in and ask if they could do a little better.  If they want to pull you tho I wouldn't touch it unless it was a sp guarantee, that seems not likely but you never know.  They do review you after 6 six months for auto cli's on this one, like some of the others if not all. 

Last month. They stated they want some air time first in the letter. A spoon here... a potholder there... Maybe salt and pepper shakers for the Holidays... Smiley Very Happy I didnt make the rules. Ill just have to work with what they gave me. Smiley LOL Maybe they'll figure it out eventually. Smiley Very Happy

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