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Credit Application

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Credit Application

Hi, I was recently approved for an auto loan of 23k, and one cc with Comenity for 2500
I have some authorized users but no primary’s other then the 2 new accounts and they are not reporting yet, I want to get some more credit cards but i don’t know who will give me credit with only authorized users.

I have 3 AU’s from 1986 with 50k limits
0 inquiries on Experian Fico 759
3 inquiries on Transunion 710
Please help out thanks
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Re: Credit Application

You may consider what types of rewards you are seeking, e.g. cash back or travel. Meanwhile you can check online to see if you are prequalified for anything, for example Amex or Discover.


I would say you are probably fine with Discover even if they don't show you any preapproved offers. Many people have got Discover as their first credit card.

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Re: Credit Application

Since you are an authorized user, have you considered those lenders? Do they have pre-qualification site? Do any of their products interest you?
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Re: Credit Application

Thank you!
Since my score is high
And I have good AU cards every site I checked pre qualified me, but when it comes to the app they notice that all I have is authorized users and decline due to limited history, do you happen to know if there are banks that accept authorized users as if they were primarys?.
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Re: Credit Application

Which lender denied you so we won't recommend it to you again?

Which lender are you authorized user on?

Besides the limited history, what where the cited reasons for denial?
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Re: Credit Application

Citi 48k
Barclays 22k
Discover 30k
IKEA project 16k
I applied for the Comenity ikea visa and was instantly approved for 2500
I applied thru Volvo for a lease and was instantly approved as well
Chase and capital one and discover declined me for not having history
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Re: Credit Application

Thank you for the data points. We have more information to go on.

I'm guessing you took a hard pull inquiry with Discover, Capital One, and Chase? If so, don't apply anymore without doing some research. Welcome to the myFICO forums.

How many hard pull inquiries have you obtained so far?

Depending on the recency, Discover does offer a secured credit card. They are known to graduate relatively quickly and do soft pull Credit Limit Increases. Perhaps, you should give them a call and see if they can offer a secured card without doing another hard pull, if you did take a hard pull inquiry.

Capital One, I would not recommend the secured card. It will not graduate.

Bank of America, they do offer a secured card. $99 deposit with $500 credit line. I would go in branch and apply for unsecured first. Tell the banker of your limited history. If they do not approve unsecured, the secured card could be offered. BoA graduates quickly and also do soft pull CLI depending on credit profile.
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