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Discover CLI Denial (insufficient experience with CL)

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Re: Discover CLI Denial (insufficient experience with CL)

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Discover be cray cray! Just got another 12 month 0% apr added to my 1 year old It tonightSmiley Happy

Did you request it, or was it something that got added automatically?  I'm considering asking Discover for a 0% offer for a major purchase I need to make, but haven't yet tried.

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Re: Discover CLI Denial (insufficient experience with CL)

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

Been 6 months since mine another statement and FICO update > 800 TU just happened.. I am so over them stuck at 11,250 dollars.  Will just use them for 5% cats when convenient and not give them a ounce of other charges.  Obviously they know I am a transactor vs. carry balance type of person with ample other credit thus don't see squat from them.  Tempted to take a HP for a decent increase, but i know it would come back at something like 500 and I would blow my top Smiley Happy.  I think what aggravates me although it shouldnt is people with "fair" scores and incomes considerably less have way higher limits and keep getting CLI's.  I should know now not to compare myself or profile to others as it is impossible and each lender looks for certain things, but still hard not to keep my blood from boiling.  I feel dirty each time I am denied for a CLI for "not enough time at current limit" which IMO is just a generic excuse as they can't think of anything else Smiley Happy

Like you, I'm a strict Transactor and possess > 800 FICO scores.  I never use my Discover card outside of the 5% rotating categories and go months where I use the card for nothing or maybe a few hundred bucks at most.  Overall I get pretty healthy CLIs.  Based on our profiles being similar, but our CLI results being different, I'd say we can't point the finger at profile here much.  Those with "fair" scores and incomes are actually more of the target/ideal Discover customer, as they deem them more profitable than people like you and I, so I'd actually expect them to be treated better (CLIs being one way) than us.  I have no idea why Discover gives someone like me continuous CLIs when I barely use their product and it's a capped rotating category card.

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Re: Discover CLI Denial (insufficient experience with CL)

I just had an automatic offer show up on my main page (PC). 0% 12 month 3% fee BT only.

And when I checked in the Balance Transfer Tab, it showed an additional BT offer for 4.99% 18 month 0% fee.

Of course I don't need the offers, but it got me thinking.......... Hmmm maybe this is a sign for a sure thing CLI at last!   





                      NOPE the 8month long dry spell continues.......Smiley Mad


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Re: Discover CLI Denial (insufficient experience with CL)

I wish discover would move the No Soup For You  letters to online only similar to other CCs   (Thinking Citi)....

Not sure quite on the regs on this... but I do think the shredder fodder is a big waste of paper..... 



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Re: Discover CLI Denial (insufficient experience with CL)

@BrutalBodyShots , Just asked for offers to lower apr. When i told them i use my card for everyday use and bt purposes, they offered me that. I didnt even get to ask for a permanent reduction lol.
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Re: Discover CLI Denial (insufficient experience with CL)

I just got one of those as well. I got a "Insufficient experience with current credit limit". But whats incredibly frustrating for me is that I opened this discover as a $1,000 secured card. After a year I graduated they mailed me my $1,000 back and increased the limit to $2,000. 


In that time I never carried a balance, used it daily, never missed a payment, and my score is 65 points higher than when I started. But in the process of cleaning up my credit, I had an old creditor place something back on my score and so it showed the date as 7/4/19 when the real date was 11/01/13. Because it showed as new, discover cut my limit to $500. I called and explained and they said sorry, and even though they understand the "numbers" don't look good. She said, once it gets fixed you can request a new CLI. So it's fixed now, I request the CLI and I get that message. Discover is a joke to me, they pretend to be a big guy that cares but it's not different. 

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