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Discover CLI question

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Discover CLI question

This has been asked a lot but I can't find anything too current like in the last two weeks. Been with them for couple years, started at $3500 and now at $13,500. Asked like clock work every few months and always yes and always respectable increase.

Took a transfer into checking for 10k and paid off in 6 months vs 12. I actually took a lot of loans and my scores dropped over 100 points across the board. Knew that was to be expected cuz I maxed everything at once. 780 to 640. No problem there.

So last 30 days paid it all off, everything, and scores shot up to 767, 777, 748. Asked for CLI both Cap Ones and got it, but small amounts, $750 and $500. Bit shocked Discover said no go.

Waited couple weeks tried again. Nope. Won't budge. Reason was standard, run of the mill reply everyone here talks about, something about I don't have enough time with the current balance or some non sense like that.

The customer service representatives are the best on the planet except when you get to the credit department, they all have attitudes and the guy I spoke with when I was initially turned down on the website was not exception.

Basically a jerk who couldn't give me any good reason why I wasn't approved. With scores as high as mine and 3% utilization, no reason I can see they would say no.

Are they currently on a lockdown anyone know about? Thanks

Ps: Under my real name, I blasted their personal loan department on Facebook for being deceiving and turning me down when Marcus approved me instantly. It was a scathing review. I'm just curious if I have been blacklisted??
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Re: Discover CLI question

There are an infinite amount of criteria that go into their decision to grant or deny a CLI request.  There are people with 1% utilization and perfect 850 scores with $1M in income that may not be able to get a CLI for whatever reason. 


How much spend are you putting through the card each cycle?  That's a good place to start when considering something that may be off.



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Re: Discover CLI question

Not much. But again, I had just taken a 10K transfer and I just paid it off, so since I paid it off last month I haven't put anything through it.

But other than that transfer, mediocre amount of business. Hard to say to be honest because the balance has been tied up with that transfer for the last six months.

I am glad to hear you say that people with great income and perfect scores are getting turned down.

It wouldn't have been that bad if had been turned down in the past, but since they always increased me like clockwork, of course you have a tendency to believe that they are looking at me different than they did before and I'm wondering why!

Wondering if the remarks I made had any lasting affects. Also wondering if because I maxed myself out it kind of scared them..

I don't know if they really look into those kind of things that much in detail and maybe it's all done with computers! They didn't even ask if I would be willing to do a hard inquiry, just no.
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Re: Discover CLI question

Discover is a weird lender. Don't let them ruffle you. I had to ignore them in order to get a CLI. lol

The train will return. It does jump the tracks occasionally in my experience. 😂

They can be a slow grower for some of us. I obtained my Discover around the same time as my first Amex. My Amex exposure is more than three times that of Discover now. 

Guess which one gets the most use?😉

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Re: Discover CLI question

How much of your credit limit do you use on a regular basis?


How much in interest do you pay?


Do you put a lot of individual charges through on that card, maybe even daily?


Do you have higher limits elsewhere that you've used responsibly?


If a bank gives you a credit limit, that money has to come from somewhere.  Investors give banks money to provide credit limits, too.


Lately, with more chargeoffs increasing every quarter, banks and investors are being cautious -- they're even pulling back credit limits with people who have 800 FICO scores!


Your credit limit is a combination of your trustworthiness AND your profitability to the bank, plus a lot of witchy magic.

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Re: Discover CLI question

I've heard people say that has happened and knock on wood ,has never happened to me. Though I am always somewhat apprehensive that one day I will see them reduce my credit limit.

Hoping that since my scores and utilization tanked big time for a few months because I maxed out everything and no one did it at that time, I feel better that I am clear of the woods as I think I would react very negatively to a credit limit reduction.

However, I've heard more than one story that the limits were reduced right AFTER a card was paid off!!! Like maybe they are thinking, here's our chance to grab it back!

I just wish the people in the credit department would be honest, more open, and try to go over why it's happening instead of just reading a sentence off of the computer screen!
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Re: Discover CLI question

WOW!!!! Getting frustrated because there was no earthly reason they should've turned me down twice on the website in the last two weeks, and even though I didn't have luck with the first guy who had attitude, I decided to call them again and state my case!

He didn't do anything special he just punched it all in and did a SP and gave me $5000! Don't ask me to explain why the website turned me down but this again is living proof that if you call for one reason or another the process is different. Don't ask me why but it is! It's all done by computer either way so I cannot imagine why there is a difference. Not like this guy liked me and decided to over ride the computer!

It's also another example of not just taking no as an answer and going some extra steps. In this case I was turned down twice on the website and once by the individual in the credit department, but yet I didn't let that be a factor in stopping me and it worked out after all so don't give up!

Also another valuable lesson learned. The first representative never even asked me if I wanted to try doing another increase, he just kept saying you'll receive a letter in 7 to 10 days. I took that to mean that option was not available. New representative was the exact opposite, and just said would you like me to try for you now? So as I have learned many times in the past in other areas of life, if you don't get what you want with one representative, simply hang up the phone and call back and get another, it is amazing what different representatives will do from each other.

So $18,500 Discover man Smiley Happy Isn't it amazing how a full-grown, mature adult male pushing 60, gets all giggly and excited like a little child when we get these kind of increases Smiley Happy
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Re: Discover CLI question

Congratulations on your persistance to get the CLI and moving ever so close to the $20k. now getting disco to break through that barrier might need a bit more persistance as YMMV. good luck to you.

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Re: Discover CLI question

Discover has no rhyme or reason that the forum can figure out whom gets CLI's or good SL's other then they like rebuilders or people with not alot of credit and clean profile (I know kinda weird either like people with a fairly recent BK or someone that is newer to credit with not a lot of credit).  This is the only two trends we really see on this fourm otherwise honestly discover appears not to really care about income or scores as can be seen on many posts on this forum.  People that make in excess of 300k a year with 800 scores are stuck < 10k while people just a year out of BK and make 40k get 10k CL's and the likes and get SP CLI's increases of decent amounts monthly to every 3 months while the rest of people are stuck..  The only thing you can really do is push the button after each statement cuts and hope for a CLI otherwise the CSR are powerless and go strictly by the what the computer says and it can't be overwritten.  They might be very nice to talk to on the phone, but otherwise are powerless to do anything about it as they aren't UW's.

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Re: Discover CLI question

It is annoying really..


My credit line right now with Discover is $9,900.. Weird number LOL..


I've tried couple of times now in the last 3 months for another CLI to at least get it over the hump of 10K.


Resulted to No Go, Flat out denied. Reason: Not enough experience with new credit.


Just give me a $100 CLI.. LOL, My OCD is annoying the heck out of me with that $9,900K line.. LOL

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