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Discover Pre Approval APR's reliable

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Re: Discover Pre Approval APR's reliable

Sorry. I haven't pulled the trigger because I'm not sure I want another HP right now. 

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Re: Discover Pre Approval APR's reliable

The thing with Discover APRs is that they usually are correct for approval... The other thing... is most Discover cards have a 0% apr on new purchases and (sometimes) a BT on opening, along with cashback match... in my case I got approved for a good, not great APR... but after the promo period, the APR was dropped on its own from the approval... AND i requested a perm apr decrease... Not sure if Miss Disco still sees if you are eligible for a lower apr at the end of the opening promo.. but its pretty reliable to be eligible for an APR reduction every 6 months... usually get a choice between temp and perm... the temp ones are usually slightly larger, but perms can be quite decent... rinse and repeat....

im in the 13.x range now... (though have a 0% promo)....




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