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Discover secured it

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Discover secured it

Trying to get in with Discover....Not in a position to get an unsecured card at this time but was hoping for the secured version.

I have been checking the prequal site with no pop up for anything.  Will I have to be prequalified to get even the secured it card ?



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Re: Discover secured it



I been trying to get in with Discover and received different reasons for denial as my credit has gotten better.

1st - delinquent accounts

2nd - too many open accounts 

Soft pulls so i'm ok with checking every 10 days or so.

Check Capital One's pre-qualified site and see if you are eligible for a secured account. 

good luck...


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The 1st stone looks just like a stone until one day you realize that you put one on top of the other and now it's a skyscraper .  

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Re: Discover secured it

Just remember Cap1 doesnt graduate any longer. For now at least. Keep checking Disco, Citi, or Merrick is a good one with hardly any complaints on here.

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery after BK DC.
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Re: Discover secured it

When I applied for Discover secured I had low 500s scores. I was approved. At the time, I actually did not know you could get turned down for a secured card. I opened Discover and Cap1 secured on the same day. Since it never occurred to me that it was possible to get turned down for a secured card, I never even tried the prequalify link. I later got slapped with reality when I applied for Bank of America secured and got rejected for “prior relationship” (a.k.a. burned badly). As a data point I did not burn DSC in my BK but did burn Cap1.

I just returned from financial hell. Don't go, the brochure is a lie.
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