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First Bankcard (Sheetz)


First Bankcard (Sheetz)

Last night I decided to apply for the Sheetz gas card since I mainly use them since it's across the street from my employer. They offer 5 cents off per gallon, and my regular Sheetz reward card (not credit card) gives 3 cents off for a total of 8 cents. So I got an email today telling me the link to check the status of the online application. I called the number instead and was rejected. 


What are the odds of this....I went out to get the mail and there was a letter from Sheetz that I was prescreened for this same card! I called them back and spoke to a live person and told her I applied online last night and was turned down. She hinted very strongly that it was because of too many apps lately (which I have filed a few). I explained that I carry no CC debt month to month and am interested in rewards cards such as this one to take advantage of the gas perks. I told her then that I got this letter I got today of the pre-screening and she was like "oh well, that changes everything" so she took my application over the phone along with the number at the bottom of my app that was pre-screened for approval. She did not know if this would be another HP or not. Since I don't like facing rejection I said ok we'll see what happens. I also asked her to note the reason for the recent flurry of activities, that they are for rewards cards and I don't carry balances. Maybe since this is manually reviewed by their UW I have a better shot at the online app last night that I did that was rejected.


I just find it humorous that I applied last night and rejected and today I get a pre-approval letter for this same Sheetz card! 

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Re: First Bankcard (Sheetz)

FNBO is fairly conservative.  Any combination of too many inquiries and/or new accounts most likely will not get you approved, regardless if you got the pre-screened offer.


It's been known that even if pre-approved (you may have met their elegibility criteria at some point), and if something drastic changes between the time of the pre-screened offer and the time you apply, chances are the original decision will stand.  Not sure if you'll get two HPs though.

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