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Get a credit card with good CLI

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Get a credit card with good CLI

I am new in US, due to the company where I work transferred me temporarly to our location here, unfortunately is difficult for someone to move to another country when you have stable your life in your country, and one thing hard for me is about geting credit, I had very good credit cards and limits where used to live, but here is quite difficult, also I did not know about credit scores (I learned a lot reading the forums), so once I arrived the company gave me a corporate card for 6 months until I can get my own credit record, so the 6 months have ended and I started applying for some credit cards, also I got one without asking Credit One (I heard not good comments about this card) I applied for an AMEX blue cash and was approved with 1,000, do you think by the moment is enough and start the garden, or I could apply still for a new one, I don't want too many inquieries by the moment in my credit record.



Discover IT Secured - $500 - 07/18
Capital One Platinum - $251 - 08/18
Amazon Prime Card - $1800 - 11/18
Credit One Platinum - $1500 - 12/18
Deserve Pro Platinum - $500 - 12/18
Amex Everyday Blue Cash - $1000 - 01/19
Huntigton Car Loan 10k - 24 Months - 08/18
FICO Score 07/18 Transunion 635, Experian 635
FICO Score 01/19 Transunion 715, Experian 695
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Re: Get a credit card with good CLI

You have opened 6 cards over 6 months, my advice would be to stop applying for 6 to 8 months and let what you have get some age.
Right now your file is thin and you are unlikely to get anything better than you already have.

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Re: Get a credit card with good CLI

Hi OP and welcome to the forums.

Looking at your signature, it appears that you have some pretty decent tradelines that would eventually have growth potential, namely Discover (once it graduates), Amazon Prime (I assume this is the retail CC version?), plus your recent AmEx approval.

My advice is to let things age appropriately. Lenders need to see established history before they can grant additional exposure. So, in my view, you're off to a good start.
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