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How Inquiry Sensitive is BOA?

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Re: How Inquiry Sensitive is BOA?

UncleB wrote:

fordguy89 wrote:
Coworker has 9, approved for 123. They're like US bank and Citi Bank they don't care about small sprees they care about a charge off thats 8 years old. I got my scores over 700 again and they told me to take a hike



I had an old Providian that converted to Wamu that converted to Chase during the time it was being CO'd back in 2006/2007.  The Chase site now shows me prequalified for Freedom (and sometimes Slate) but I don't bother apping for either... I'm sure they'll hold the old card against me.  I also had a Juniper that was CO'd long ago (2005), and Barclay's still holds that against me... they don't even do a credit pull (thankfully).


That's OK... there are lots of other good lenders out there!  Smiley Wink

Hey B, you know I had the same thing come up when I app'd for IHG/Hyatt. I had a providian turned Slate thing for $300-$500. They did say while reconning it had no impact on their decision....but I bet you it could prevent an instant approval for sure...

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Re: How Inquiry Sensitive is BOA?

inquiries not so much but new accounts very much so.....but not as bad as Chase 

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Re: How Inquiry Sensitive is BOA?

As this thread is over a year and a half old and some of the information might be outdated it is now closed to new comments.


Please feel free to start a new thread if you would like to share recent data points. 


--UB, myFICO Moderator

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