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How Long for US Bank SL Recon

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How Long for US Bank SL Recon

For those who have asked for US Bank SL recons, was there any communication if it is/isn't approved? Or, is the only way to know whether it's approved is if your CL changes in your account.

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Re: How Long for US Bank SL Recon

After 2-3 days you can call the automated line and see what it says. Also watch your CL when your logged in.

If it’s denied they will send you a letter explaining why

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Re: How Long for US Bank SL Recon

I applied for the Altitude Reservse Visa last month at my branch.  Had a response later that day.

Called the next day to recon cl.  Said she would submit the request.  The following day the increased cl showed when I logged into my account.

It takes 2 to 3 days to show online when requesting a cl increase.  

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