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How reliable are Pre-Qualifications from AMEX?

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Re: How reliable are Pre-Qualifications from AMEX?

Alright, I'll wait until my FICO scores are generated. I'll focus on my Discover card and keep preventing any baddies from showing up.


Also thanks for the advice on the APR% for the pre-qualifications, I'll look more into it when I apply. Smiley Happy

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Re: How reliable are Pre-Qualifications from AMEX?

Amex approved me for the Gold card without a FICO score, so I'd go with that card if it fits your spending.

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Re: How reliable are Pre-Qualifications from AMEX?

I agree with @LauraC and her advice on the APRs. I had first heard that with Disco and used that to know when to apply. I’ve also read on here about how it’s a good way to reinforce that you’re solid with Amex beyond just the “you’re preapproved” verbiage. Definitely check that out and if you see the preapproval language along with a set APR, that’s about as close to a “go” as you’re going to see anywhere.

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Re: How reliable are Pre-Qualifications from AMEX?

The pre-qualifications are pretty solid from Amex, at least for me.  In my opinion if it gives you a specific APR, like 14.99%, and not a range, like 12.99 to 29.99%, then is it definitely solid. 


If you get an Amex, alway treat like a lady, because Amex has a long memory.



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Re: How reliable are Pre-Qualifications from AMEX?

To add a DP to this thread I had a Pre-approval for the Amex Blue which is the MR version of the BCE at the time of my initial app for the BCE. Both cards had fixed rates went with the BCE and was approved apped for the Blue aswell and it was a denial. I have heard some people was lucky to get 2 back to back.

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Re: How reliable are Pre-Qualifications from AMEX?

I had a previous collection with AMEX back in 2016 that I paid 75% off and settled. I have one current collection on my report that I haven't paid off and my score at the time was 620 Experian. I did the pre qualify and got offered the Delta Gold and took it with a $1000 CL. So IMO the chances are probally good still if you got pre-approved. 

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