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I hate my Lowes card

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Re: I hate my Lowes card

Magic number is four months for CLIs (In my experience). Mark it on a calendar and call four months from now and ask for the $35k and see what/if they counter for. Always a SP with Synchrony so you have nothing to lose, but definitely CALL every time.

Starting Score: (June 2014) TU08: 663 | EQ04: 640 | EX08: 685
Current Score: TU08: 757 | EQ04/08: 757/758 | EX08: 761
Goal Score: 800 across the board

Total Credit Line - $186,050 | Utilization - 16.8%
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Re: I hate my Lowes card

Congrats. I pound them every 90 days. YMMV. Thank you for your service. I hope you get your house. 

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Re: I hate my Lowes card

did you try credit solutions with Synchrony bank (877) 379-8173, give them a try. I was turned down online with my cards but tried the number and was never turned down.
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