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Macy’s American Express

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Macy’s American Express

My husband applied for the Macy’s Amex CC. And received this “We Need a Little More Information
Thank you for your application. Please contact us to complete your application and receive a decision.” they have hours of operation but he’s impatient and want to know if anyone knows what this means. He’s had this card before and cancelled it since he wasn’t using it at the time but has found himself going to Macy’s more often than before. TU 699 EX 710 EQ 718, about 8 inquiries in the last 6 months.

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Re: Macy’s American Express

It's not an instant denial which is a good sign.  Sounds like verification.  I had to do the same when I apped my Macy's card.

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Re: Macy’s American Express

They just want to verify that it’s you applying for the card.

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Re: Macy’s American Express

When I applied for my Macy’s Amex on Thanksgiving, I had to verify security questions and my income over the phone and was approved on the spot. 


Hopefully it will be approved.



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Re: Macy’s American Express

I would call! They always want to verify info!!

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