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Macy's - Talk Me Off the Ledge

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Re: Macy's - Talk Me Off the Ledge

@VintageMel wrote:

@babygirl1256 wrote:

@VintageMel I'd say go for it . . . Macy's is my store (LOL) and there are so many perks that it's well worth it. In fact, on yesterday I ordered my mother-in-law (age 85) a robe and it cost me only $0.83 because I redeemed some of my Star Rewards Money . . . I just love shopping at Macy's and they recently raised my CL to $12k. You can't go wrong a Macy's card . . . Yes, go Macy's Platinum!!!


Macy's Order 5-22-2021.jpg

This may be just what I needed to hear.  Especially since Star Money Bonus Days start in a few days, it would be nice to maximize that.


Plus if no one on the MyFico forums think this is a terrible idea, then maybe it isn't. Unless you are all just bad influences. Smiley Tongue

Oh!  We most definitely are bad influences!  Your addressing a group of people that collect credit cards.  It would be like going to your local bookstore and asking them if you have too many books.... while showing you the latest bestseller from the New York Times list! 

Or me going int a yarn shop and asking them if I have too much yarn as they haul out The cashmere yarn!  

Still doesn't make it a bad idea 😂

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Re: Macy's - Talk Me Off the Ledge

I am like you in that every pull is a long thought out grind. I have had my Macy's card for 3-4 years. Last year my credit limit was $300. Now it is a whopping $22,800. My highest limit. I wish they would convert it already. My only knock against the card is no 0% interest offers or I would use it a lot more.  Get the card is my vote. 

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Re: Macy's - Talk Me Off the Ledge

I think you nailed it - bad influences haha

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Re: Macy's - Talk Me Off the Ledge

everyone voted for apply so let us know how it goes! 

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Re: Macy's - Talk Me Off the Ledge

Well, after much mental hand wringing I went ahead and did it.  Now I just have to hope that the rewards are worth the new account ding on my scores for another year+.  Smiley Tongue


Approved in-store for the Macy's AmEx, $7,000.


Thanks everyone for egging me on your encouragement.

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Re: Macy's - Talk Me Off the Ledge

As the OP has provided an update on their approval, this thread is now locked and closed to new messages. 

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