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Mini spree advice

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Mini spree advice

I've been gardening in preparation for a land loan, but we came up with all cash and that's no longer an issue.


Since that's no longer an issue, I'm looking at adding 2 new TLs and shutting down a couple as well.


I'm just wanting some input in case there's some ill effects I may not be considering besides AAoA.


TL1: BofA BBR They've been quite generous with me already. I only have the CR, opened in June '16, but have banked with them practically since birth. I'm also curious if I were to get the BBR approved, if the same pull would be used for a CLI on my CR.


TL2: NFCU CLOC Membership in June, CR in July. Successful CLI to 20K. I'm hoping that means I'm good to go, but the only balance I'm carrying currently is on the CR at 28% utilization.


These are 2 products I have use for and have been on my radar for quite some time. I'm going to be closing my 2K GM card and Amazon Prime store card in light of the Chase changes.


The big thing is that in closing my 5K Amazon Store card is that at only 83K total credit, that is a pretty big hit to my utilization. Do you think I stand a chance of recovering the lost amount in the BBR?

2/5/18 EX 738 TU 751 EQ 737 9% Util All reports on ice! Gardening again!
NFCU CR ($25,000) | BofA CR ($19,800) | Discover ($12,300) | BofA BBR ($7,000) | Amazon ($6,000) | Citi Costco ($7,900) | Marvel ($8,000) | Chase Amazon ($6,000) | Paypal MC ($8,000) | Barclay Apple ($4,300) | AMEX BCE ($12,000) | AMEX ED ($1,000) | Cap QS ($3,400) | GM Buy Power ($2,000) | Citi DC ($2,700) | Wayfair ($9,400) | Victoria's ($4,000) | NFCU CLOC ($15,000) | Tiffany & Co ($1,000)
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