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Multiple discover invite letters for DW

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Multiple discover invite letters for DW

My dw is on my discover card AU for more than 3 years and her scores are at avg of 750 across all CBs. 


For the last 2-3 weeks, there have been more than 4-5 invite letters from discover IT. How solid are they? Her own highest limit card is chase freedom -$10k.


The reason for thinking of discover IT is, my discover IT double cashback bonus is ending somewhere middle of june/2016. so thought of getting the new card for her which give new 12 months double cb.


Any inputs?

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Re: Multiple discover invite letters for DW

Do her letters include invitation codes or have a firm APR?  If so, they have been very solid.  Her scores are very good.  I think she has a very good chance of being approved.  I would use the website link shown on the letter which she will input the invitation code.  Good luck to DW if she decides to apply!  

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Re: Multiple discover invite letters for DW

I agree, if some of this more detailed info is included in the offers, it is more likely to be solid. BUT, always remember it is never certain.

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