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My First Recon Call.....Question please?

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My First Recon Call.....Question please?

Hi Everyone!

I apped for Barkley's Rewards MC earlier today and got the 10 day notice screen. I made my first recon call to Barkley, got a very nice CSR on the phone. He basically said my score was good, 650, but I had new accounts in my file and not enough history.

I honestly think this call could have gone either way, but he suggested I try back in 6 to 12 months and to look for a rejection letter in the mail.

Is this application 'dead in the water'? Is it noted on the app that I called, or does the possibility exist to call again later in the hopes of speaking with a 'more sympathetic' CSR?

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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

i would call one more time, and if that comes up again, i would say im working on my credit to a mix of lenders and show im able to handle different accts. "thats what i said  when i apped for the apple rewards"



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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

Awesome answer! I'm just worried about the CSR saying, "Haven't you already called here once today?".

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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

@Gondorf wrote:
Awesome answer! I'm just worried about the CSR saying, "Haven't you already called here once today?".


They document calls so be aware whenever you call back again.  Chase and other lenders do this as well.  Oh, and the lender is not Barkley (unless you are thinking Charles Barkely would approve your card Smiley Very Happy)... it's Barclays Bank.

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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

Haha are you using talk text? My Android phone always says Barkley instead of Barclays lol. I'm always on the forums at work so I use talk text to go faster lol
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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

Yeah unfortunately you only get one or two real chances with barclay since it's documented. I'd try once more and if told no, just give up for the time being.
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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

Exact same reason I was declined the ring with a 748TU score. Just too many new accounts. I even had enough history but if they see too many new accounts they throw up the red flags. Wish you best of luck on your recon if you haven't again already.
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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

Hey, thanks for all the great advice everyone!


I made the second call, and was turned down by a very polite, and

very helpful CSR.  Second verse, same as the first.  Too many

new accounts and no history behind them.


But, here is the important thing.  I learned something new today,

and it's only because I joined this forum seeking solutions, and

started asking questions.  The CSR's at Barclays basically said

to keep making timely payments on my existing accounts, sit on

my hands for 9 months, then maybe give it another try.


Seven months ago my, credit was so far down the toilet, having a

Fingerhut card seemed impossible.  I got Capital One QS yesterday

which led to the Barclays app, so I'm batting .500 and can garden

for the rest of the season knowing I've shaken every tree in the



The information on this board is priceless and I thank all of the expert

contributors who make it possible for the rest of us who are only

beginning the process of pulling ourselves out ot the quicksand.

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Re: My First Recon Call.....Question please?

You should call back and tell them that you just lost your job, got into a car accident, your wife needs $350,000 in medical treatment, your bank account is overdrawn by $15,000, but that you really need to go to the casino and win some money.


Joking aside I think they now note how many times you called.


I had an experience with them when I got the Apple Rewards card with them.  I then realized about a month later that the rewards card would have been the better option and called about PC'ing it.  The rep told me they can't PC it, but if I applied for the other card and even if I was declined then I could get the Apple card PC'd.  I applied and got denied because of the recent account opening, so I called to PC it.  I was told not only were they not going to PC it, they were going to close my other account.  I asked why and they said because of recent account openings and I pointed out the fact that all the accounts, which were not many, that I opened didn't show any signs of inappropriate use.  I was not charging them up, nor did I charge anything on the Apple card, which if I were going to charge up would have happened.  The lady said she was not going to open the account, PC the account, and was going to close the other account.  I asked to speak with a supervisor, who she stated was busy, and I told her I would wait, so she placed me on hold.  When she came back she told me the person was still busy.  I said I would wait, and said it again, and finally basically demanded to speak with the manager.  She finally came back and told me the manager had approved the opening of the account and we settled on a $1500 limit, which she only gave me half of and I had to reach out to the EO to get the limit we agreed upon and also got the inquiry and history of the Apple card removed from my account.  It did take a bit of effort, but there are times it is possible to get what you want with them.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.....
Always follow these rules: Only take a HP for a new account. Always use the best rewards card for that reward category. Don't close a card unless you know you really should. Never use more than 35% of a credit limit. Recon as much and as best you can. Use the introductory period to the best advantage. Get the signup bonus. Whenever possible PIF or balance transfer so you pay less in interest. Never give an excellent rating when it is actually the norm. Always look for a discount as more is always better.
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