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New Amex Application / Preapprovals

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Re: New Amex App

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As mentioned above, how long you've been a member doesn't influence pre-approvals as much as your credit report. If your report is dirty/has high utilization/high DTI, it won't look good and they'll be more nervous to approve any additional credit products - even revolvers. 

I have low DTI and very low ult and AooA is 5 years. Two student loans in repayment total balance on both is $1500.

No one here is going to be able to provide the specific reason(s) as to why your profile isn't yielding pre-approved offers for the revolvers vs their charge cards. It's buried somewhere within AENB's internal algorithms and secret sauce. Potentially, you can keep trying periodically and see what it yields for you down the road.

I wonder if it because I just moved in Aug 2021.


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Re: New Amex App

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I'm a card member since 2011 and have a credit score of 791 and I was looking at pre approvals and it's said I was pre approved for all charge cards and not on any revolvers. I find that strange since my time with amex and three cards. Has anyone know anything about this?

I wouldn't worry about prequalification. I've always had more prequalification for their charge cards than their revolvers. It's probably going to be a soft pull anyway, so you have nothing to lose.

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