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Odds of Affinity VS and/or Alliant VS? (APPROVED FOR AFFINITY VS!)

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Re: Odds of Affinity VS and/or Alliant VS?

Good luck! It would be good to have more DPs for this card and CU. 

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Re: Odds of Affinity VS and/or Alliant VS?

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At the beginning of March, I plan to apply for one or even both of these cards:

Affinity Cash Rewards Visa Signature

Alliant Signature Card

I have a BK 7 on file that was discharged December 2019.


My current scores (8 & 9) are:





Inquiries (12 months)

Equifax: 2

Transunion: 2 

Experian: 5

Last Inquiry: September 2021 (Equifax)

AAoA: 3 Years, 10 Months

Age of Most Recent: 3 Months ($10k secured loan paid down to less than 9%)


Credit Utilization: 1-2%


From what I've found, Affinity pulls Experian 8 (687) Alliant pulls Transunion 9 (723). 

I do bank in specific ways with both credit unions.


I've used Alliant as my primary checking and savings account since January 2021 (not sure if they care about that, though). They refused to approve me for anything when I joined them.


With Affinity, I have the max amount deposited in their 2% savings account and have had an Affinity Pure Rewards credit card with them since August 2021. 

I like aspects of both cards equally and would optimally like to be approved for both though that's probably not too likely (in my opinion).

Would it be wise to even try for either next week? Maybe even both? Should I wait even longer?

Personally, I would hold off for a while.

Alliant would be a little more strict as far as UW criteria. In looking at your current signature, there do not appear to be any revolving tradelines >$5K, is that correct? 

My understanding, if you're aiming for both Visa Signature products, they may take that into consideration, but it really depends on your overall profile. Hopefully, someone with a similar profile or stats has been able to get approved for the Affinity Cash Rewards VS and they can chime in with their experience.


I believe it wasn't long ago (November) that you accepted the $500 CL counter offer for Affinity's Pure Rewards?

Alliant is very hard to get any credit line with. I was barely able to get a 1k CL with no really debit and good income and high credit score (780). I think it was at the time.

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Re: Odds of Affinity VS and/or Alliant VS?



Approved for $5,000 @ 13.5% on the Cash Rewards Visa Signature!!! 


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