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Out of the garden credit stacking strategy

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Out of the garden credit stacking strategy

I am thinking of applying for new cards in Aug 2023; by then it will be 6 months+ since my recent open account.


My Equifax/ TransUnion will only have 2-3 hard inquiries over the past year while my Experian has a lot (went stupid in Dec 2022).


I'm prioritizing high limits and 0pct balance transfers as my cards of choice.


im thinking Penfed Gold for equifax (started relationship in Dec 2022). Gardening, will have 10k plus in checkings/savings/CDs when I apply.


NavyFed platinum (started relationship in Dec 2022) or Us Bank business platinum (relationship since Nov 2021). I'm leaning NavyFed for their high limits but US bank business credit cards look v sexy. Which do you guys recommend?


Experian, I have too many inquiries so thinking of doing just a CLI with my BankofAmericard and garden with BoA (have 10 yr plus relationship).




My oldest closed primary card is 2.5 years but my oldest open is still 1.3 years.



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Re: Out of the garden credit stacking strategy

Keep in mind that BoA normally soft pulls from Transunion when evaluating CLI requests when you're planning the order of your actions.


To clarify, are you thinking of applying for a Penfed Gold and then either a NFCU Platinum or a USBank Platinum? 


The Penfed Gold is a more attractive option than the NFCU Platinum if you're looking for a promotional 0% APR purchase and/or 0% APR BT offer.   If the primary goal is a card with lower purchase APR once the promotion has expired the NFCU card is probably a better fit.  While some people could have good reason for applying for both cards at around the same timeI normally wouldn't expect to see that.


Is the NFCU Platinum vs USBank Platinum decision point based upon you only wanting to apply for 2 cards right now, or do you have a specific use case that you think you can fulfill with either a personal card or a business card that wouldn't raise eyebrows with the issuer? I ask as not everyone is a tolerant as AMEX when it comes to established patterns of business spend on a personal card/personal spend on a business card.



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Re: Out of the garden credit stacking strategy

I want to ideally apply for 3 business credit cards (one for each bureau), but I want to get a 10k+ limit on the personal side before applying for business credit cards (highest limit is my BankofAmericard with 5500, second highest is my US Bank Cash VISA signatue with 4000). High limit business cards with good 0% APR on purchases/balance transfers are my priority.


NavyFed/Penfed are known for high limits and I can garden with them putting 10k+ in each bank before applying (my equifax/transunion will only have 1-2 hard inquiries over the past year with none in the past six months in August. My Experian will have 6+ hard inquiries so I fugure that it may be better to wait until all the inquiries roll off in December 2023. Something like a Amex BlueCash Everyday cad may be good in August to get in the door with Amex (all future Amex cards will be softpulls). 


Any suggestions/advice?



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Re: Out of the garden credit stacking strategy

I'm a big fan of the NFCU Platinum.  I got the $25k upon opening, however it was my 2nd card with them.  The Penfed Gold gave me $12,500 upon opening and I had had a $16k Promise card for about 6 years at the time of apping.  Both had a great intro 0% deal, which I took, however Navy is definitely more generous with me than Penfed is. Ymmv tho.


NOT a fan of US Bank and their incessant advertising to only disappoint with the SL.  There are alot of people here who have done well with them however.  They have been known to be more inquiry sensitive than most as a rule however.

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Re: Out of the garden credit stacking strategy

Amex and Chase are my go to for business cards however... VERY happy with both of them so far.

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