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Penfed Equifax Pull

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Penfed Equifax Pull

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading. I'm not sure where this post belongs if it's not in the correct place, please feel free to move it.

I applied for a Penfed Pathfinder Rewards card last Wednesday and got the pending notice. I waited three days before calling and when I did they said my name and birthdate was incorrect on my file for Equifax (it listed my brother's name as we have almost similar names) and birth date. They said to dispute with Equifax and to try calling them after they correct the mistake.

So on Saturday (the same day), I call Equifax and they said to fax a cover letter, DL, and SSN card. I don't have a fax machine, so I head over to FedEx and faxed it.

So fast forward to today, I asked Penfed what I could do, and they said to wait until Equifax fixes it.

My question is: should I also mail a copy to Equifax just to be sure? I didn't get a confirmation number or anything. I already tried multiple times online dispute and Equifax says I can't access it at this time.

Will Penfed HP again for the card? I'm feeling like I'm stuck in app limbo. Also, does anyone have experience with how long it takes for Equifax to change name and birth date?

Thanks again for all the help!!

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Re: Penfed Equifax Pull

Sounds like a sticky situation. My inclination is that they won't HP again, but you can always call Penfed and ask to be sure. Unfortunately no experience with getting my name changed with one of the bureaus. Is this a new issue or have you just not noticed in the past?

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Re: Penfed Equifax Pull

I've had it incorrect on Experian in the past I think and I was able to just call and get it fixed I think I may have mailed in documents I don't remember. I never noticed that it was incorrect before as I applied for Penfed membership and their Visa Platinum rewards card a couple years back and had no issues.

I've applied for many cards in these last 3 years and have had no problem. I just checked both Experian and TU and both have my information correct. I wanted to get the Pathfinder to pay off insurance for SUB, guess that's not happening now. 😭

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