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I've been on a credit repair journey since February of this year to get a home. We are scheduled to close in October 2017. I know, I will NOT be applying for any credit until we close on the house. 


Just wanted to share that I tried the AmEx prequalification page and it shows I am prequalified for the following. I've NEVER been able to see a prequal offer on this page. Experian score is sitting at 649 with 12% overall utilization. 


1) Amex EveryDay Credit Card - 23.99% APR

2) AmEx Blue Cash Everyday - no annual fee/23.99% APR

3) AmEx Express Green Card - $0 AF first year & $95 after - no APR because balance is due in full every month. 


I still don't get an offer on Capital One, and on Discover's prequal I get the 11.99-23.99% APR range, which I know doesn't mean it's a solid prequalification. 


I currently have the following cards: 

Capital One; April 2016 - Secured $500 limit

Capital One; February 2017 - Authorized User - $5,500 Limit - card has been open since April 2013

NFCU; March 2017 - Secured $1,000 limit

FICO8 Scores - 639TU / 650EQ / 649EX

New Homeowner - Dec 2017!
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Re: Prequalifications!!

On the discover, no it’s not solid. Try again next time until you get an actual rate. 

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Re: Prequalifications!!

Yup I had the pre approved pop up on discover and then I got denied for not having a lon enough credit history
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Re: Prequalifications!!

By the time the house closes, as your accounts age you may see more offers and better terms from AmEx

Good luck with the house and everything 👍
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