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Question about citi-prequalification

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Question about citi-prequalification

Hello Everyone, 


I have been filling citi pre-qualification for quite some time. I also tried all the citi retail card pre-qualifications like Wayfair, Home Depot etc. I never got an offer. It is weird that I have only 1 inquiry from the past 6 months and all the scores are above 740. I got suspicious and checked all my credit reports soft pulls, none of them shows that Citi did a soft pull.  Did anyone had this issue before? If yes, did you get a chance to talk to Citi and fix it? Any input or recommendations will be highly appreciated to fix this issue.. 



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Re: Question about citi-prequalification

Do you have your reports frozen? If so, you might try unfreezing them and try again. I think your reports must be thawed for Citi to SP you (unless you're an existing customer) - but I could be wrong. I do that from time to time

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Re: Question about citi-prequalification

I have the Citi Double Cash and Custom Cash and I used to have the Premier.  I have never been prequalified but I've been instantly approved for what I have applied for.  I am only a sample size of 1 but it tells me their prequalify tool isn't that reliable.

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Re: Question about citi-prequalification

Thanks for sharing your experience @Cashbackjunky 

My reports are not frozen. 



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Re: Question about citi-prequalification

I'd concur with @wingennis when I ran the prequal tool 7mo ago I had only 1 card barely over a year old, though I did have a boatload of Citi mailers (for other cards.)  Citi, WF, FNBO had no offers for me in prequal.  Amex andCap1 did.  I apped DC and while it went to manual for a few more days, I got the card, good SL (for the card) & APR (pre-fed-hikes). 


Can't say what approval odds are or aren't, but I can anecdotally confirm their prequal tool seems to be looking for "ideal" and lack of prequal doesn't mean you're not in approval standing. I think they're more of a "cold app" kind of bank.

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Re: Question about citi-prequalification

Thanks for sharing your views folks. I went ahead and applied for costco, bestbuy, Home Depot cards. All are approved!!!

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