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Safe to double-dip Chase?

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Safe to double-dip Chase?

Hi there,


I haven't applied for any cards in quite a while now (please check out my sig), 0 inq's across the board in the last year.

I could use the sign-up bonus plus annual benefits of the Marriott card offered by Chase, and was thinking of double-apping (might as well because of the expected double HP)


Since I got the IHG and CSP(pc'd to freedom since) a few years ago, I haven't used them heavily.


Am I on the safe side in double app'ing for two Chase cards, or should I be weary with already two Chase cards in this age of folks being afraid of a Chase shutdown?



Cards: BCE 24k 5/'17 | CF 12k 10/'15 | IHG 12k 10/'15 | HH 6k 6/'18 | DS It 6k 3/'15 | TR 5k 11/'15
Scores: 760-770 | Inquiries: 0-1 | Utilization: 0-10% | AAoA: 3yrs | Bank: Ally | CU's: Navy & Pentagon
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Re: Safe to double-dip Chase?

It appears you should be ok by doing it that way + you'd clear the 5/24 hurdle based on the information listed in your signature. Other than Marriott, which other Chase CC are you considering?
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